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IADC Therapy

I am excited to share that I am now providing Induced After Death Communication (IADC) Therapy which was created by Dr. Botkin.  This therapy is an intensive two day therapy for grief and loss.  It helps you to process your grief and release the sadness and trauma from your thoughts, emotions, and body.  It also helps people get in the relaxed state of mind that allows them to have an After Death Communication (ADC) with their loved one who has passed. 


If you want to read more about this amazing therapeutic technique, you can buy Dr. Botkin’s book Induced After Death Communication.  You can also go to YouTube to see him demonstrate this procedure.  75% of people who receive this therapy experience an ADC, but even those who do not experience an ADC report significant improvement in their grief process.  For those of you who are grieving the loss of a pet, they can also come through. 


I am providing this therapy online via zoom.  It takes place in 2 consecutive days in 90 minute sessions.  If you are interested in this procedure, please email me  This therapy works best 6 months or more after the loss of your loved one.  The cost of this intensive therapy is $375. 

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