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Read What Others Are Saying About My Work


  • Jennifer is the only medium I trust when it comes to connecting with Spirit. She not only comes from white light, she is kind, compassionate, accurate, and very helpful. I highly recommend her.  


                                         Lorena M.

  • As my first time experience, I felt anxious and a bit skeptical about doing this.  Although I did not have a reading, I felt confirmation that Jennifer was truly connected and I witnessed how they communicate through her in detail. 


                                         Ivan K.

  • I cannot put into words how life changing the readings have been for me by Jennifer.  My Dad came through three times and my maternal grandmother came through once.  The experiences brought me peace, comfort, and hope.  I have also attended group readings where my family and friends did not come through, but it was a wonderful experience to see the reaction of others to know their loved ones are still with them and the impact of that never ending bond and connection.  Jennifer consistently presents herself as genuine, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and respectful.  I highly recommend contacting Jennifer for an opportunity to experience her wonderful gift first hand. 



  • I participated in a large group session with Jennifer upon my partner's recommendation. I was open and interested in learning about Jennifer's approach and process.  It was with the last spiritual reading of the hour that I slowly came to recognize that the "spirit" who was communicating through Jennifer could be someone with whom I had a connection.  I was not expecting to be personally involved, nor had I been thinking about or expecting a contact with this dear friend, but what Jennifer shared from this person was very meaningful and moving for me.  This experience of thinking about and connecting with my friend who has moved on has helped me shift my attention to similarly meaningful relationships and how I might best show up to be in connection with them while we still share this time together in life.  Many other considerations and shifts in perspectives and priorities grew out of this experience that are strengthening my commitment to act on those things that feel most important and about which I want to have no regrets when it is my time to complete the Great Cycle of Life and move on to the next.  Much appreciation to Jennifer for holding space for this experience. 




  • I have had the honor and privilege to have a reading by Jennifer.  Let me say that I have had many more readings after my first experience.  She has read for my daughter, mother, and aunt.  They have all been equally impressed with her skills and in depth knowledge of the deceased.  Her readings are incredibly personal.  I felt as though my family members were in the room with me.  Laughing with jokes they had made and memories that we all shared. Even heartfelt apologies... It is a tremendously healing experience.  I cannot recommend her enough. 




  • Dear friends, I give Jennifer 5 stars.  She is so informative & real! Had the best reading ever! I highly recommend her.  Her work is top notch. 


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