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Before booking an appointment, please read my page about Mediumship Readings, Pet Mediumship Readings, Pet Spirit Art, Animal Soul Consultation, Psychic/Soul Consultation, Animal Energy Healing, and Past Life Regression Hypnosis on my Services & Costs page to have a better understanding of the services that I provide.  Once you read about my services, click the link at the bottom of this page to schedule your appointment.  If you are a returning client, you qualify for a 10% discount.  Check for the code I send you in the email after your service or email me at for your discount code.  Then you can book your appointment below.  

If you want to pay with Venmo, it is $10 less for all services except for the animal energy healing is $3 less then the current cost of $50.  After you pay with Venmo, then email me telling me what service you want.  I will email you a code to use to book your appointment online on the calendar on my website.  










  1. ​​Mediumship Reading - online via Zoom Evidential Communication with human loved ones who have passed $200 for 40 minutes.  

  2. Pet Mediumship Reading - Reading for animals who have crossed over and are not in their physical body.  Online via Zoom Evidential Communication with animals who have passed $175 for 40 minutes.  

  3. Pet Spirit Art - A reading where I connect to one of your pet's in Spirit.  I can not guarantee which one.  It can be your mom's cat, your childhood pet, your pet who just passed, or your spouse's pet.  I will draw your pet and write down some of the evidence it provides me on a "Rainbow Bridge Hello" card that will be mailed to you.  Please DO NOT tell me anything about the pet you want to hear from.  This is part of the evidence I provide you.  I will connect to your pet in Spirit the week you schedule your appointment.  Once I complete the drawing, I will email you the drawing of your pet and request your address so the card could be mailed to you.  You can then provide me a photo of your pet to add to the front of the card next to the drawing.  Then allow up to 8 business days for the printer, Canva, to print the card and then they will mail it to you.  $222 

  4. Animal Soul Consultation (For animals who are still alive in their physical body) This is a hybrid appointment.  The first 25 minutes of the appointment I connect to your pet remotely with their name and picture (without you).  Then I meet with you on zoom for 20 minutes in the second half of your session to give you the results of my findings. $175 for 45 minutes total.

  5. Psychic/Soul Consultation - An online via Zoom consultation that is a combination of at least 2 methods used (Mediumship, Psychic, Past Life, Spiritual Counseling, Angel Guide, and Animal Guide) to provide guidance and empowerment.  I will answer up to 3 questions.  The cost is $200 for a 45-minute reading.

  6. Animal Energy Healing - This service is for one pet.  I will provide energy healing (Reiki and other modalities) remotely.  Once I am done, I will email you confirming my service is completed.  Please email me before the session a photo of your pet (showing their eyes) and provide me their name.  This service is $50 for a 20-minute session.  

  7. Past Life Regression Hypnosis - online via Zoom $200 for 50 minutes.

To Book An Appointment:

  1. Click whether you want an online Mediumship Reading, Pet Mediumship Reading, Animal Soul Consultation, Psychic/Soul Consultation, Spiritual Indigenous Medicine Healing, Animal Energy Healing, or Past Life Regression Hypnosis session.

  2. Then click "set time zone", after you make sure the time zone is in your time zone.

  3. Then choose the date for your appointment on my calendar.

  4. Then choose the time available for your appointment. 

  5. Put your name, phone number and email.

  6. Read and click terms of condition.

  7. Then click pay now and pay with credit card and or use code given to you. 

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