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Jennifer Ankele Medium
Pet Medium

Pet Spirit Artist
Animal Communicator
Animal Energy Healing
(Reiki & Other Healing Modalities)

Grief Specialist

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 Grief & Trauma Therapist LCSW / Crazy Dog Mom / Psychic / Trance Medium / Indigenous Healing/ Spirit Guide, Animal Guide, & Angel Guide Communicator / Reiki Master / Karuna Reiki Master / Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist (Trained By Dr. Weiss) / Cacao Facilitator / Dream Interpreter / Author of Death Less A Guide Through Grief / Induced After Death Communication Therapist Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

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Repeat clients get 10% off their next Mediumship, Pet Mediumship, Psychic/Soul Consultation, Animal Soul Consultation, or Past Life Regression Hypnosis. The discount is good for 1 year.  If you are a repeat client, email me at for the 10% discount code.  Then book your appointment on this website.  If you want to pay with Venmo and you are a repeat client, you receive 2 discounts.  Email me for your combo 10% repeat client discount and Venmo discounted price.   

This is my only Instagram account.  It is verified with a blue check.  All other accounts with different user names are fraudulent.  I never DM clients.

Contact Me:

Riverside, CA, USA

Jennifer Ankele LCSW/Spiritual Medium
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