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Animal Energy Healing

I will provide Reiki and other forms of energy healing to your pet.  This healing utilizes healing energy from The Creator.  This healing energy can help your pet with emotional and physical healing.  It connects them to their soul.

I used this energy on my dog Angel because she had many health issues most of her life.  Angel lived passed her prognosis by 1.5 years.  She had metastatic cancer, stage 4 heart murmur, CHF, and seizure disorder.  I believe it helped her relax and ease her pain.

I give it to all my pets.  In fact, when my pets don't feel well they come to me asking for the energy.  After they receive the energy, they usually relax and often fall asleep and wake up feeling better. 


Reiki is now commonly used in hospice and cancer centers through the country.  Reiki and other Energy Healing is not a guarantee for any cure, nor is it a substitute for any professional medical advice or treatment.

This service I provide is 20 minutes long and done remotely.  I will email you to confirm after I am done.  Please email me a photo of your pet that shows his/her eyes and give me their name.

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