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Animal Soul Consultation

(For Animals In Their Physical Body)

I have had pets my whole life.  I currently have 4 dogs who are rescued from shelters and rescues.  I have always felt soothed and comforted by my pets.  I believe all animals come to the earth to guide and teach humans; besides giving us unconditional love.  Our pets are part of our soul family, and the bond we have with them is eternal. 


For an Animal Soul Consultation, I will communicate soul to soul with one animal of your choice.  I will ask your pet: 

  1. What they enjoy doing?

  2. How are they feeling physically?

  3. How are they feeling emotionally?

  4. What is their soul purpose?

  5. Does your pet have a message for you or other family members?

  6. 2-3 questions you may have for them

  7. I will give your pet remote healing (reiki and other healing) if they allow me to.

This reading is a hybrid.  At first, I connect to your pet remotely for 25 minutes to get my information (without you).  Then I meet with you on zoom for the second half of the session for 20 minutes to give you the results of my findings and for guidance regarding your pet.  This reading is for one individual and one of your pets.  


Please email me your pet's photo, their name and 2-3 questions you have for them at least 48 hours before your appointment.  Please make sure I can see your pets eyes.  Please do not tell me details about them.   Examples of brief questions:

  1. Why is my dog peeing on the couch?

  2. Does my cat like her new sister?

  3. Did I have a past life with my pet?


Sorry, I do not find missing pets.  I do not prophesize if a pet will be healed from a disease, nor do I prophesize the passing of a pet.  The information provided in this reading is not a substitute for medical care.  

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