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Pet Spirit Art

What is Spirit Art?  Spirit Art is art inspired by Spirit.  There are many forms of Spirit Art.  The type that I create is Evidential Spirit Art.  Evidential Spirit Art is a form of mediumship in which I draw Spirit as evidence along with evidential facts so that you know I am speaking to your loved one in Spirit. 


Pet Spirit Art are drawings of my communication to people's pets who have passed to the Other Side.  I also provide evidence in addition to the drawing so that the pet parent can know that I am actually speaking to their loved one.  I do not see any photos nor know anything about the Spirit I am drawing prior to my drawing.  This is what makes it evidential.   Sometimes my drawings or very close to how the Spirit looked when they were alive other times there will be a resemblance but the essence of your loved one in Spirit will be there along with the factual evidence I provide.  The factual evidence I provide will be 90% accurate.  


I use graphite pencil, colored pencils, pastels, watercolors or charcoal for these drawings.  It depends on what I feel inspired to use.

I have been a medium my whole life, yet I never drew, painted, or sketched anything especially not Spirit.  In 2021. I saw a vision of myself drawing and painting Spirit.  This vision inspired me to try to draw Spirit.  Suddenly with the help of Spirit Guides, I could draw and paint when I was never able to before.  Thus my journey with Spirit continues.

With Pet Spirit Art, I connect you to your beloved pets who have passed over to the Rainbow Bridge.  I will draw the animal and present the evidence to you.  I CAN NOT guarantee which pet I will draw for the reading, this is completely up to Spirit.  If you ONLY want to hear from one pet then you probably should not request a pet spirit art because any of the pets in your life can come through.  Spirit is in charge.  Again, I have no idea which pet of yours will come through.  It can be your childhood pet, your spouse's pet or your mom's pet. If you only want to hear from one pet, then I recommend you book an individual pet mediumship reading with me because during that reading I connect to multiple pets of yours and there is a much better chance you will hear from the pet you want to hear from.  (However there is no pet spirit drawing and never a guarantee of which pets will come through).  If you have an open mind and open heart then you will be amazed with Pet Spirit Art.    

I am now offering "Rainbow Bridge Hellos" as part of the paid pet spirit art.  These are cards that I create with the drawing of your pet in Spirit.  I will also write down some evidence that your pet provided me and a short line or quote from them to you.  This way you can keep this special card with their drawing and evidence as a reminder that your beloved pet is always with you.  This card can be displayed wherever you choose.  You can choose to put the card anywhere special. (Your mantle, near your pet's photo, urn, or alter).    


If you would like to book a Pet Spirit Art Reading, then book your reading by emailing me at Once I receive your email I will email you an invoice to pay for your reading.  Please provide me with a mailing address to send your 5 by 7 inch Hello from Heaven card.  I will connect to your pet within one week of your purchasing the reading then it takes up to 8 business days for the printer to mail out your card.  You should receive your card in about 3 weeks from purchase.  


Please ask your beloved pet in Spirit to come to me for the drawing/reading.  Do not tell me anything about who you want to hear from or even what kind of animal.  My drawing are drawn with NO KNOWLEDGE of who the spirit is nor what they look like.  After I have drawn your pet, then sending me a photo so that I can see the likeness of your pet in Spirit is always welcomed.  Also the drawing of your pet is my artistic expression and my creation.  I own ownership of the drawing even after you are given a copy of the drawing.    

Examples of Pet Spirit Sketches next to the photo their pet parent provided me after the reading/drawing.

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