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Pet Mediumship 

I have had dogs my whole life and have always felt very connected to animals.  To be honest, I actually connect easier with animals then with people.  Animals literally soothe my soul.  In December of 2018, my beloved dog Angel passed to the Other Side.  I was devastated.  I had her for 14 years and she was my first dog that I got as an adult.  I do not have any biological children, so my fur babies are everything to me.  I was so grief stricken, that I was inspired to write my book Deathless: A Guide Through Grief in her honor.  


After Angel's passing, I vowed that I would become a Pet Medium because I wanted to feel connected to Angel who is on the Other Side as much as possible.  I also know first hand how healing a Pet Mediumship Reading can be.  This is something I want to share to all those who are grieving the intense loss of a pet.  This loss is so deep, yet in society it is often minimized and misunderstood.    


With the help of my Angel who is helping me now from the Other Side, I deliver messages to people from their beloved pets in Spirit who are Over the Rainbow Bridge.  Like every other aspect of Mediumship, I can not guarantee which of your pets in Spirit will come through.  Your childhood pet can come through, your mom's cat, your pet who recently passed, or even the stray you fed 10 years ago can communicate during this reading.  During individual readings at least 2-3 pets come through. It is important that you talk to your pets who are in Spirit and ask who you want to come through to speak up.  This is not a guarantee, but it does help.  


During a Pet Mediumship Reading, I am able to give detailed information from your pet, so that you know it is them.  Keep in mind the intelligence of Spirit and that animals are highly evolved souls.  Animals come to the earthly plane to guide and help us humans.  During a Pet Mediumship Reading I am speaking soul to soul to your pet which has no language barrier between human and animal.  You will also have a chance to ask them a question and hear their response in my reading.  


Animals have their own special plane in Heaven which I have been lucky enough to visit.  This plane is paradise for animals and is often known as Over the Rainbow Bridge.  However, we (humans and animals) can intermingle in heaven on different planes when we pass or even when we sleep.  If you want animal communication for animals who are still alive in their physical body, then book an Animal Soul Consultation.


I can honestly say if it were not for animals, I don't know what my life would be like.  They have taught me unconditional love and bring me so much joy.  Currently I am a dog mom of 4 fur babies who are with me on the earthly plane.  My mission is twofold.  I want to help people who are grieving the terrible loss of their beloved pets and I also want to help humans understand that all animals are advanced souls who are intelligent, loving, and helping humanity.  I am hoping that when humans really understand this, then humanity as a whole can start treating animals kinder.    

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