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Psychic/Soul Consultation

A Psychic/Soul Consultation combines many of the healing techniques I know.  It will help reconnect you to your soul.  It is a Soul Consultation, not JUST a Psychic Q & A.  If you have questions you want to know, want Soul Guidance, and or would like a message from your Angels, Spirit, or Animal Guides, or loved ones in Spirit, I will connect with you and give you information and healing based on what I believe will be the highest healing.   


There will be a combination of at least two of these modalities used in the reading (possibly more).  The methods I use to give you guidance is spirit led, therefore the modalities I use is up to Spirit and for your highest good.  My modalities are Mediumship, reading your soul, Angel, Spirit, or Animal Guide Readings, Indigenous Healing, Energy Healing, Dream Interpretation, Past Life Readings (not the same as Past Life Hypnosis), Pet Mediumship and Spiritual Counseling. 


Keep in mind that for Mediumship Readings, I do not have control over which of your loved ones in Spirit will come through.  If there is one particular loved one in Spirit that you are expecting or hoping to come through, then do NOT choose Psychic/Soul Consultation.  You have a better chance of hearing from your loved one if the whole session is a Mediumship Reading.  Even in that reading, I cannot guarantee a particular loved one in Spirit will come through. 


Please have 3 questions  ready for me to focus on for the 50 minute session and 2 questions for the 30 minute reading.  Or you can choose categories (Relationship, Family, Health, Spiritual Path, Career Finances, Past life Patterns)  

Each Psychic/Soul Consultation is unique and incredibly healing.  I encourage you to come to the session with an open heart and mind.   This reading is for one person only.  Please be alone in the room during the reading.  

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